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  • Pep Up Your Nails with DIY Manicure at Home

    Going for a party and you get done with the face and eye makeup, the hairdo, & then you run the chance with your nails. This is, nevertheless, the biggest catastrophe of makeup. Our so-called contemporary ladies often laze around when it comes to giving a makeover to their nails. As according to them, nail […]

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  • How to Plan the Perfect Thai Luxury Vacation

    Thailand often gets a reputation as an affordable vacation spot for budget travelers and backpackers. But more and more high-end buyers are considering the destination because of its great value, reputation for outstanding service, and the high number of luxury lodging options. Not to mention the country’s breathtaking natural beauty and unique experiences that will […]

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  • How to Fall in Love with the Right Person

    Love is, of course, one of the most powerful emotions that we can feel. The immense nature of the power of love is something that can be hard to grasp for many of us. It’s easy to see why, too: falling in love is something totally different to what you could normally expect. There is […]

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  • How to Start Your Day in a More Positive Way

    Are you the type that has a real hard time getting up in the morning and finding that motivation to start the day? Would you consider yourself as the polar opposite of a “morning person”? Do you find that your morning often starts in a negative way, which can end up spilling into the rest […]

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  • 4 Top Activities when Visiting Patong

    Patong beach is well known for its bustling nightlife, and is often seen as one of the major hubs for expats around the island. But Patong is much more than just a party spot. It’s a great place if you want to experience the culture, great street food, and enjoy a healthy mix of local […]

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