If you had seen it before, it’s redefined here. If you don’t have seen it before, make it a SeenThing now

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SeenThing is your everyday blog where you can read about everything under the sun. From article on run of the mill day of our lives to fashion tips, you name it and we got it. And if it could be any better, we are just like you and we speak like normal ones, not any of those technical jargons in here. Read the topic that interests you or talk to us more about it.

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You can expect various types of content here, including videos, slideshows, quizzes, infographics etc. That is what we want to do here “If you had seen it before, it’s redefined here. If you don’t have seen it before, make it a SeenThing now”. Are we missing something? We might just be needing that. You feel we are doing something or want us to improve? Don’t be shy, let us know through the contact form here.