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Good Health = Diet + Exercise

It sounds like a simple formula, but the devil is always in the detail. In this instance, it could be the detail that is preventing you from reaching your peak health and then sustaining this. This article will explain the aforementioned (how to reach your ideal of good sustainable health) and provide you with some advice as to how you can make this simple formula work for you.

What is Really Called ‘Good Health’?

Again, it sounds like a foregone, simple statement, and most of us would argue that we know what good health is and what it looks like for ourselves and our family members. However, in this simplicity, many have been misled, and it is worth having a clear common understanding as the basis of further discussion.

Health refers to the complete mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Good health is the ongoing maintenance of this state and can be quite a complex and demanding process. It is not simply the absence of disease and ill health but must include feeling well, happy, and mentally strong.

What many have neglected over the long-term analysis and provision of healthcare has been emotional and mental wellbeing. However, these aspects have come to the fore in recent times, and as such, the methods or techniques for improved and sustained good health and wellbeing now include this aspect.


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This affects more than weight gain or loss. The food that we eat affects our mood and state of mind. Furthermore, just to reinforce this relationship, it has been proven recently that our mood and state of mind then affects what we feel like eating and, in fact, then eat.

It’s a cycle, and the linkages are clear between what we eat and how we feel. The saving grace related to human development and advancement is the research around vegan and vegetarian foods, which has provided a variety and range such as we have not seen before.

For example, vegetarian fast food Los Angeles has shown what can be achieved with some creativity, and the result is a menu without meat that is just as, if not more interesting.


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It is important to understand the type of exercise that will add years of health to your life. However, it is also clear that if done incorrectly or excessively, the self-same exercise can damage and adversely affect joints and bones as we get older.

Exercise is thus indeed a double-edged sword that can do as much damage as it can do good for our health and wellbeing. The exercise that we do for good health must be suitable for our specific body type and current state of health and fitness.

The main aim of any exercise for the improvement of health is to increase the heart rate and ensure that the muscles work to achieve this.

The formula is indeed simple and good; ongoing health is achievable in its use. However, it is the detail that can affect it, and perhaps it should be adjusted to note that diet is about a long-term eating plan rather than snap changes.

Good health = long-term healthy diet + body-specific exercise. With the proviso given that regular checkups and a proactive approach to healthcare, with the inclusion of professionals in this plan, is the only way to achieve and maintain good health.


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