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Kumarpal Shah is a blogger by choice and content developer by passion. He is running SellHuge, a Digital Marketing and SEO firm in Ahmedabad, India. As someone who strongly believes in social media and its positive benefits, you can find him learning and experimenting about it. Follow him on Twitter @KumarpalKp.
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  • 5 Reasons not to Hire Agents for Health Insurance

    Medical emergencies happen anytime. Health insurance may prove to be your anchor in those emergencies but if you are careful. Insurance companies advertise their policy with appealing messages and celebrities. But this can’t verify their credibility. A bigger web is the pool of insurance agents. They could be removing your workload but the future remains […]

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  • WannaCry Ransomware Cyber Attack Explained

    An unprecedented malware attack shook the world last week infecting more than 300,000 computers in more than 150 countries which include Russia, Ukraine, India, and Taiwan. Parts of Britain’s National Health Service (NHS), Spain’s Telefonica, FedEx, Deutsche Bahn and LATAM Airlines were also hit along with many other countries and companies. It’s has come to […]

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