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Get Your Own Minion with Axe Clicker – Idle Dwarf

Everything wondered how it would be to have your own minion to do all the mean jobs that you don’t want to do? Meet Oswald, the dwarf. He could be the meanest and angriest dwarf you will ever hear about. Yes, and he likes to chop. EVERYTHING. He could chop anything you choose and all you have to do is to provide him with his all powerful axes. Sounds exciting? Download this game Axe Clicker – Idle Dwarf right now!

You know what, your own dwarf works for you even you are not playing it. This means you don’t have to keep fidgeting WiFi like with your phone all through the day. Now, that’s something your mom would be happy about. Not only that, he keeps earning for you when you rest or do other works as well. What more can you expect from your own evil minion?

Axe Clicker - Idle Dwarf Mobile Game

What? You need more reasons for downloading it? Here are a few:

Oswald is Mean

He might be small, but Oswald could easily be the angriest dwarf and all you have to do is order him to chop the trees around. Spend those red rage that you are holding inside yourself on chopping. Chop chop! We have about 18 items to chop down from dandelion to Fort Knox, not to forget the 32 types of trees that are available.


There could be nothing worse than stuck into an addictive game only to find that there are not any upgrades to it. Not worry! Axe Clicker – Idle Dwarf has numerous upgrades like related to Fitness, Forging skills, Steel quality, Luck, Sharpening skills, Trade and Multiple axes. You will never get bored of it anytime sooner.

Idle Game

It is a clicker / idle game, which means the game revolves around the dwarf clicking repeating, that is chopping down items to earn you money for upgrades. And the fun and incomes continues even when you are not playing. Come on, you just have to tell him to do stuff. Don’t you like that kinda power over anyone?

Adorable Graphics

If you love Disney-sque graphics, then you will fall in love with the graphics just like we did. Even if you don’t, the clean graphic interface will knock you down.

His Voice

Hold your comments till you hear his voice and speech bubbles. The funky music on the background is also interesting. You are in for a real treat.

What are you waiting for? Download and start chopping down things with Axe Clicker – Idle Dwarf right now!


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