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Top Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

Dogs are an important part of the family. It is said that 63.4 million households in the US have at least one dog, and 95.5% of owners consider their pet to be a part of the family. With this in mind, caring for a dog is top of the list for keeping them happy and healthy.

Unlike humans, they can’t tell you in words how they think and feel, so it’s vital to nourish and care for your dog in the best possible way. This avoids ill health and unhappiness so they can enjoy a full and enjoyable life within the family unit.

Whether you’re considering getting a dog or already have a pet pooch, take a look at these handy tips to keep them in tip-top condition.

Good Diet and Fresh Water

Much like the importance of a balanced diet for humans, dogs also need the same nutrients. There are many dog foods available on the market but research the best types for the breed and size of your dog. Pet foods are typically split into a puppy, adult, and senior food types, and this can give them extra benefits for their health through those ages.

When choosing a dog food, also be wary of the number of artificial additives and sugars in the ingredients. These elements may affect health in the long term but could also cause hyperactivity.

Get an Annual Vet Check

Register your dog with a local vet such as exceptionalpets.com to get access to a full range of services for your pet. While your dog may not need to see the vet regularly, it’s important to visit for an annual check-up and vaccinations.

The vet will conduct a range of general health checks and assess the condition of the teeth, skin, and hair. They may also advise how to groom your dog and feed them to keep their health in the best shape.

Exercise Your Dog

Dogs are naturally active, and some breeds more than others. They love to have a run around and explore, so taking them for a regular walk is essential. Take them a walk at least once a day to burn off that excess energy.

If you have a working breed such as a Border Collie, they may enjoy stimulation during walks such as throwing a ball. These types of breeds also benefit from agility training and activities as it helps to focus the mind and release the bags of energy they have.

Groom Regularly

Some dogs require grooming more often than others. However, it’s important to stay on top of grooming to avoid matted hair, as this can cause skin issues. Brushing also removes loose hair and knots in the coat. Alongside a healthy diet, this practice will give your dog shiny and smoother hair.

Bathing your pet is also important, but it doesn’t have to be done too often as this can irritate the skin. Opt for vet-approved products to ensure they are suitable for your pet.


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