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Tips to Learn the Art of Smokey Eyes Makeup

There’s nothing as mysterious and charming as a pair of smokey eyes giving someone a tempting look from across the room. The smokey eyes can be distinguished by a makeup that accentuates the eyes with the soft lines and blending; generally, darker hues such as black, grey, and brown are opted; while a bit more of drama can be given to the eyes with fun tones like red or green.

Choosing the right colour that perfectly complements your skin tone is certainly a key to the smokey masterpiece; blending it appropriately is yet another secret to doing it rightly.

Different golden smokey eyes looks

If you have got a fair complexion, for instance, opting dusky hues like all-black colour palette can make you look like a walking dead rather than a seductive vamp. Similarly, if your skin has sort of yellowish undertones, then making use of blue-tinted shades like lavender can probably make you look jaundiced. And so, this is how the colours play a key role. It is always recommended to go for makeup colours that share your natural skin’s undertones.

You might have stumbled upon an array of tricks over the internet to give a smokey drama to your eyes, rightly. However, many of them slip on a point that taking care and giving proper nourishment to the skin and the eyes can go a long way to making your eyes look much more dramatic naturally. Try using cucumber over your eye bags; you’ll get rid of puffiness. This in turn, won’t require you to add that extra layer of concealer prior to the makeup base. Thereupon, this will help you get a natural eye makeup that looks less cakey.

However, when you start creating a stunning look on your eyes, you must start with the eye-shadow base. See that the eye-shadow base is applied evenly and is not forming a greasy line on the crease of your lids.

Bride in smokey eyes makeup look

When done with the base application, apply the eyeliner pencil first and then smoke it up by smudging it. On the other hand, If you are coveting for a bit more subtle effect, you must start with eye-shadow first, and then apply a darker tone of the eye-shadow using a wet and slanted brush. Note that here we are using eye-shadow as a substitute to eyeliner.

Go along the lash-line, and although colouring the bottom area of the eyes constitutes to form a key to this look, making use of a slight lighter hue would definitely do wonders. But, make a note that you line it from the middle out rather than all the way through the eyes since this builds up a tendency of making the eyes look smaller. Not to mention, smudging the art! Besmeared lines are a distinct facet of smokey eyes.

Girl showing her smokey eyes by closing them

No matter you apply the liner after or prior to the eye-shadow, the eye-shadow takes the cake in this piece of art. It is always recommended to see that the base colour of your eye-shadow aligns with your skin-tone either perfectly or is a lighter shade within bounds. Prior to applying darker colours, you must opt for creamy or pearly hues on top of your lids up to your eyebrow bones.

Remember, darker the hues of shadows; the more eponymous is the “smokey” effect. After you have applied the light-coloured base, blend in the colour with an eye-shadow brush working your way up starting from the lash line to the up. See that your liner and the shadow are blended to perfection. Soon after you have hit the crease of your eyes, the deeper shades must be toned down. Subsequently, you can give a boost to your fabulous eye makeup with three or four coats of volumizing mascara.


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