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Instant Make-up that Doesn’t Seem Made-up

If you are pining for your beautiful yet natural look without a much dramatic change with cosmetics, here are some makeup ideas that will help you feel beautiful and glamorous. Implement these tricks into action for a beauty redefined with elegance.

1. Moisturize and Polish Your Skin Tone

The most natural way to nourish your cells and get your hands on a smoothening skin tone is to apply a tinted lotion, like Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream, which also constitutes a multi-tasking formula with broad spectrum SPF15 sunscreen. Contradictory to foundation, use of any tinted lotion would help you latch onto a polished skin without a hitch.

Complete makeup kit placed in a dressing room
Three Makeup Brushes

2. Camouflage the Blotches

Perform magic with your magic wand viz. pigment-rich concealer, like Lakme Absolute White SPF20 Concealer Stick. It is a perfect device that would wipe out all the blotches and imperfections, thus, leaving your skin flawless and beautiful.

However, the key to its right application is its minimal use or otherwise it would accentuate the problem areas. The trick is to dab, blend, and develop an undetectable layer of cover-up over the imperfections. If you have dark circles, swipe your magic wand under the eyes, and then blend it by patting with your fingertips.

3. Swirl on The Powder (Optional)

If you are laying hold of greasy skin, follow with an oil-free powder, like Neutrogena Skin Clearing Mineral Powder, Natural Beige 60. (Note: if you have a very oily skin, skip out on the moisturizer and make use of only concealer and powder.) Apply powder by swirling it on using a brush; this will leave a subtle veil of beauty with a natural luminosity.

Makeup foundation in different shades with brushes

4. Bloom Your Cheeks With a Warm Shade

Creamy blushes, like Maybelline Dream Touch, in warm peach tone render a natural rosy tint to the apples of your cheeks. However, cool pinks have the aspects of the trumped-up look.

5. Redefine the Natural Contours

Fix on a shade that is slightly darker than your natural skin tone, say a soft brownish tint. This will help you define your natural contours without being surfaced like a shadow. Brush the eye-shadow in the creases and along the lower eyelashes, confirming that there are no grouchy edges formed.

For extra buff up of your eyes, apply eye-shadow, like Colorbar Shimmer Bar Eye Shadow, Rosey Glaze to the deepest area of the eyelids, the inner lip of the eyes, and the eyebrow bones.

6. Glide the Eye Pencil (Optional)

If you are pining for a bit of extra definition to your eyes, smooth along between the top eye lashes with soft grey or brown pencil, like Colorbar I Glide Eye Pencil. This will give your eyes a rich colour in just a single stroke.

Girl using makeup brush on her cheeks

7. Pep Up Your Lips Elegantly

To rack up a charming hue, choose a tint that jibes with the natural tone of your lips. Here, the trick is to press the pigment in your lips using your fingertips instead of applying the tube directly. Intensify the centre of your lips and blend out the colour.

8. Aggrandize Your Lashes

Defined eyelashes are of substance even in the case of a no-makeup look. Dusting off the shadow and eye-liner may not give you a bum trip, but mascara would! Apply two coats of mascara, like Maybelline Volum Express Colossal Washable, Black.

For a hike-up, you can make use of a flat eyeliner brush to latch on to a little bit of mascara from the wand, and apply it only to roots of the bottom lashes, or otherwise it will create spidery effect.


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