Bride's Makeup on her Wedding

Makeups for Special Occasions – Bridal Makeups

Women always tend to spend more than half of an hour every day on makeup. It has become part of their everyday ritual; there isn’t a single day that starts with no makeup, except for weekends perhaps. There are those days when women need to look a bit more special – you guessed right, birthday celebrations, family reunions and such. But one day that is really above all is the wedding.

When it comes to weddings, most women will seek professional help, but if you are in a group that is thinking about doing their own makeup here are some guidelines for you.

The Eye Color vs. Makeup Color – Dilemma Solved

It is known that most makeup styles are better suited than other for certain eye color. But there is one type of makeup that really isn’t picky about your eye color and the best thing about it – it’s not that complicated to pull on your own.

Of course, it is about Aquatic look makeup, it can be done regardless of your skin tone, your face type or hair color. And the best thing of all – it looks really cool, will make your eyes look great and can be exactly what you need for wedding.

Indian bride looking up with glowing face
You are glowing!

What will You Need for this Makeup?

The whole makeup style is designed to make you look mermaid like and bring that “under the sea” look in you, so you will need a lots of blue. In order for the makeup to be effective you’ll need to match different variants of blue with your eye color, but don’t worry, that will be covered in a moment.

For Blue Eyes

Use darker blue colors in combination with lavender or violet. Using eyeliner or navy blue mascara (black can also be used but it’s not preferred), the goal is to make your eyes pop out a bit, not to completely drown them into dark blue.

Girl with brown eyes and matching makeup
Makeup for brown-eyed girls

For Green Eyes

You should use some lighter blue base with addition of lavender, purple or lilac color. When it comes to eyeliner do not use black, and chose brown or some gray. Silver shades are not allowed here, but you can try adding just a touch of bronze, copper or gold – to spice it up a bit.

For Brown Eyes

If you happen to have brown eyes you’ll have more freedom to pick any tones of blue you wish. It’s important to remember that avoiding black eyeliner is not a must, if you have lighter brown eyes. One other thing to keep at your mind is that use of metallic eyeliner in bronze or copper is preferable to any other color.

Just a quick addition to everything already said above, use lighter color lipstick with Aquatic makeup, no reds or any darker colors allowed here.

Beautiful women with makeup done at last minute
Simplicity is the key

If you’re still uncertain about using this style as your bridal makeup just check some pictures, as stated above Aquatic makeup goes well with any eye color, it’s easy to do and will make you bride everyone want to have.


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