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Sentimental Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Millionaires Who Have Everything

Roses are red, violets are blue, your partner has everything, so what can you do? Valentine’s Day, February 14th, is a day to show the person you are with that you truly appreciate them and love them and even though you should be doing this every day, it’s expected to do even more on Valentine’s Day. For the fellow Millionaire who has everything and anything, it may hard to buy them something to show that you love them so a more sentimental gift may be the best.

Why Sentimental Gifts Rule?

Gift giving has been going on for thousands of years, it’s not a new custom but it has been revamped. In today’s society it seems important to many to buy the most expensive thing they can for the person that they love. However, what is the most expensive isn’t always the most practical or the most wanted item.

Studies done by the Journal of Consumer Research found that expensive, impressive, and even over sentimental gifts are usually considered the worst gifts. Receivers of gifts prefer practical items that they can use and are needed, like socks or gift cards to the restaurant down the street from their house. Sentimental gifts don’t have to be expensive; they just have to be wanted to be well received.

The Gift that Never Stops

What if you could give your loved one a gift every month? The newest, trendy gift is boxes filled with goodies that come every month to your doorstep, or to your romantic partner’s doorstep!

Think about something that your partner really enjoys a hobby perhaps, or somewhere that they want to go. Let’s say your significant other really loves wine, you could take them on a romantic dinner to a wine bar on Valentine’s Day or you could sign them up for a monthly delivery of wine to their doorstep. This can also be said for shaving kits, cheese baskets, dinner kits, and spa kits.

What makes it sentimental is that every month when they receive their gifts they will be reminded that you took the time to think about something that would make them smile every month. Many millionaires are extremely busy and something as small as a bottle of wine being delivered every month to their doorstep will remind them how much you care.

If you don’t want to buy a gift you can also deliver something more personal every month. Gift your lover a personalized calendar and one day of each month write one activity you have planned to do with one another. This could things like, cuddling up to a movie, going to the beach, talking on the phone for an hour, and even things that are a little bit more bedroom appropriate. It will give your loved one something to look forward to each month with you!

Gifting Getaways

Perhaps a monthly gift is too much of a commitment, so why not try something fun and equally rewarding. A short vacation is a great gift to give the person that you care about and it’s enjoyable for both people! Book a cruise or a romantic getaway at a place that you two have been discussing to go to or just get a hotel for a quick fast escape, even if it’s only 2 hours out of town!


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