Brawl Stars - A Multiplayer Battle Game

Brawl Stars: A Multiplayer Battle Game

If you have loved playing Supercell’s Clash of Clans, Boom Beach or Clash Royal games, then you should definitely try playing their latest game – Brawl Stars. Brawl Stars is a multiplayer combat game where you have to battle it out in less than three minutes through a set of multiple obstacles. The objective of the game is to ‘teach’ a lesson to your opponent.

You can start playing solo or join a band to share your combat strategies and fight it out together as a team. There are powerful Brawlers with super abilities that you can unlock and upgrade to as you play along. These powerful Brawlers have some unique signature attack and super ability! And before we forget to mention, you can show off and stand out in the arena by purchasing and collecting unique skins!

Top Features of Brawl Stars

  • A real-time combat game
  • Grab your friends to team up or play solo against the greatest brawlers of the world
  • Brawlers are customizable
  • Regional and global leaderboards to know your ranking
  • You may either join a club or create your own club with fellow brawlers
  • Strategize and share hacks to master the game with your team members
  • A fully 3D environment for your brawling pleasure

How to Play Brawl Stars?

The game can be played in five different modes. These are Gem Grab, Showdown, Bounty, Heist and Brawl Ball. There are also some limited special events (PvE and PvP game modes).

Gem Grab is a team game with three players on each side. The rule is simple – Collect and hold ten gems to win. Remember, you will lose your gems if you get fragged.

Showdown is a solo or duo game mode. You can battle it out alone or team up with a friend to collect power-ups for your Brawlers. The last standing brawler wins it all.

Bounty is a 3v3 mode game where each team earns stars. The team with the most amount of ‘stars’ wins the game!

Brawl Ball is another 3v3 mode, apt for football or soccer lovers. Show off your dribbling skills to score two goals before your opponent to win the game. However, there are no red cards here!

Team up with your friends to play Heist, a 3v3 mode game. The strategy is simple; you need to ensure the safety of your team while you knock off your opponents. There is a map which you need to navigate to reach the opponent’s treasure.

How to be a Star Player at Brawl Stars?

Prove yourself the greatest of all brawlers by climbing up the local and regional leaderboards.

Please note that you need to be at least 13 years to play Brawl Stars. The game is free to download but certain features are chargeable and need to be purchased by real money. You can get free gems by using some Brawl Star hacks, in case you do not wish to make any purchase. You can find more information about Brawl Stars hacks on Brawler King Website.


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