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Tips to Glam up in Jif with Last Minute Makeup

You stay off the cup being stuck with one or the other work, and then you are taken by surprise for a party that is about to eventuate; If this is what that double binds you quite often the times, skim through this and get a scoop on tricks to do last minute makeup.

Cook up the Locks

Surprisingly planned party or outing on the day you haven’t taken the head bath and being in a terrible look with greasy hair could be a worst nightmare for anyone. Here, dipping a makeup brush in a cup of cornstarch, baby powder, or matte bronzer (if you have got dark hair) and then, running it through the roots will soak up all the oil on your scalp. Consequent to this, run the comb in order to dust off the leftover particles.

Last minute makeup for glowing face

Stir up Your Glow

You don’t require giving your face a wash and starting the makeup from the scratch; perhaps, you can try applying a bit of moisturizer onto your face, and it will give a boost to your radiance. Thereafter, you can proceed with the touch-ups. Swipe concealer under the eyes, and over other blemishes following to the application of foundation. Don’t forget to sweeten up your cheeks.

Sweep off the Feet with Red-Hot Lips

Women with beautiful makeup and red lips

A bright red or a wine shade lip looks not just festive, but also terrific if you wear minimal makeup in your daily routine. Devote a few seconds to this makeup, and you will entice everyone with your sensuous scarlet pout. We recommend using MAC Lustre Lipstick in Lustering.

Get Glistening 24-Karat Eyes

Elite golden eyes are what that complements the seductive scarlet lips perfectly. To give that oomph to your look, make use of your fingertips to blend a cream shaded eye shadow onto the eyelids. You can also brush the colour along the rim of bottom lash. This will give you a halo effect.

24 Karat golden eye makeup

Note: If you are fair, you should go for a light champagne shade; and if you have got a dusky complexion, you are recommended to go for a bronze shade. Additionally, you can give a little drama to your eyes in split seconds with the kohl liner. In place of a kohl liner, you can also try glamming up with a liner that is spiked with flecks of shimmer.

Create a Masterpiece on Nails in Jiffy

Women with Black polished nails holding cup

If you don’t have much time to create and stun everyone with a masterpiece on your nails, this is the trick that you can try: get a bowl with ice-cold water and dip your fingers into it for a little while. This will help hardening the nail paint and get dry in bat of the eye.

Boo! And you are ready to make a statement. Imbibe these makeup ideas whenever it happens to be a surprise party or outing with your family or friends, and your nightmare to doll up in a jiff would definitely succumb.


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