Using tree house in a Glamping trip

Planning Holidays? Think about Taking a Glamping Trip

For those of us that love to travel, love outdoor experiences, but aren’t exactly interested in “roughing it”, Glamping is for you! Even though the concept has been around many centuries, it’s really started to gain popularity over the past few years and is continuing to grow. To have the amenities you may have at your own home all the way to 5-star luxury services has allowed this popular trend to cater to a new kind of traveler. The kind of traveler that is seeking adventure but does not want to sacrifice comfort. You get the best parts of camping without the worst parts of camping.

Whether you are planning a long weekend trip or an international excursion, there will most likely be access to a glamping site nearby. From the glittering sandy deserts to the rainforests, there are numerous options that will accommodate the time of year you are looking to travel. While originally, glamping was thought to be done in a canvas tent, it has evolved to include numerous other unique accommodations from bell tents, tree houses, yurts, huts, etc. Check out Glampinghub for some glamping motivation for your next trip. Also, see just a few of the accommodation types below and see if there are any that peak your interest.

Glamping in a Bell Tent
Bell Tent
Glamping in a Cabin
Glamping in a Tree House
Tree House
Glamping in a Yurt
Glamping in a Dome
Glamping in a Tent
Glamping in a Tiny House
Tiny House

Images provided by Glampinghub

Feature Image by lmcpy from Pixabay


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