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Why Local Travel is on the Rise

More travelers are exploring local sites and locations than ever before, and this trend is likely to extend into the medium and long term in the travel sector. Domestic or local tourism is on the rise and this is reflected in the drop in international travel numbers.

International travel is at an all-time low and although Americans intend to travel more once vaccinated, this is only likely to be the case in 2022. For now, local travel is all the rage and there are many ways that you too can make this part of your travel plans for your next holiday.

Local tourism can be regarded as any form of travel in-country, some would argue that it should not involve any air travel, but based on the distances involved in exploring America, even short flights can be used to see local places over weekends and short breaks.

The Road Trip is the Main Form of Local Tourism

The main way that more people are visiting local destinations is in motorhomes, campervan and RV’s. A road trip was planned by more than half the people questioned in a recent travel survey and this was because of the convenience, perceived safety and the flexibility that this offers. Of these people, 50% intended to travel more than 500 miles from home. If you have never thought of this as an option, think again because an increase in demand has created more options for us all.

It is Accessible

It is local and as such it is likely to be more accessible than any international destinations. Plan locally and you will be surprised what is available. It is also accessible in the sense that you do not need a passport to visit. This level of convenience has seen the numbers of domestic travelers increase.

It is Affordable

Having your own transport directly to the destination and then accommodation for you and your family once you get there is the ultimate in convenience. A purchase of an RV or motorhome is an expensive thing to do but compares favorably over the long term to international holidays and long-haul flights. Most people now use a leisure finance specialist to purchase the motorhome or RV, but there are other options and it will pay to do your research in this regard. The guarantee is that the investment will pay off and serve as a holiday option for years to come.

It is Sustainable

The local destinations that are on your doorstep are likely to always be there and there is an element of longevity and sustainability in this form of tourism. Local tourism and travel are a way to invest more in local communities and allow the traveler to see how their impact can bring ongoing positive change to the area.

Local travel is on the up and this will mean that destinations are more prepared for you and your family. It is a trend likely to continue and as it does the options for local travel will increase accordingly, making this something that all of us are able to engage in.


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