Enjoying vacation in a Thai Luxury resort

How to Plan the Perfect Thai Luxury Vacation

Thailand often gets a reputation as an affordable vacation spot for budget travelers and backpackers. But more and more high-end buyers are considering the destination because of its great value, reputation for outstanding service, and the high number of luxury lodging options. Not to mention the country’s breathtaking natural beauty and unique experiences that will impress anyone, no matter how big their wallet is. But before you pack your bags and leave for Thailand, planning is essential if you want to really enjoy your time there. Here’s a quick guide on how to plan the perfect Thai luxury vacation.

Length of Your Trip

There are many factors that will influence your decision here, but in most cases, 10 days is the ideal amount of time for your first trip. This will allow you to enjoy the place, relax, and have the chance to venture out of your resort area for one or two days. If the experience isn’t what you expected, or the temperature is horrible, you won’t regret booking a longer stay. And if you fall in love with the country, then you’ll be able to extend your stay as well.

Choose Where You’ll be Staying

Thailand is a very diverse country, and it can feel like you’re in a completely different place depending on where you are. If you’re into the nightlife and are looking more for a cosmopolitan atmosphere, then somewhere like Pattaya would be a great option. Pattaya isn’t only about the nightlife either, it has tons of great high-end shopping, dining, lodging and entertainment options as well.

Look for Luxury Accommodation

When it comes to high end accommodation, you’ll have no trouble finding what you’re looking for in Thailand. And what’s better is that you’ll get much more bang for your buck here than almost any other top destination in the world. There are so many luxury villas there available for rent that you can book.

You could always go for a hotel room, but these tend to not offer the best value and you won’t get as much space and privacy as well. Another option is to book a holiday villa, but you might not get the level of service you’re looking for and there’s still the chance of getting swindled.

One of the best options is going for a beachfront condo Pattaya. You’ll be able to combine the service of a great hotel room, with the privacy and comfort of a private home. You’ll have no trouble finding a great condo with all the amenities you need and your own private quarters right next to the beach if you start your search early.

Hire a Private Guide

If you want to avoid tourist traps and get an authentic experience, it’s often better to hire a private guide. They’ll be able to show you some of the hidden gems around the city, give you a bit of history about the place, and they’ll arrange activities depending on your particular tastes and needs.

Thailand is one of the best luxury travel destinations and one that should definitely be on your list for your next vacation. By using the few tips in this article, you’ll be able to discover what makes Thailand such a unique and magical place.


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