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3 Cultural Trends to Watch out for This Year

There’s no doubt that the world has seen monumental change over the past year, with the pandemic dominating people’s daily lives. This shift in focus has understandably taken the spotlight off of popular culture, as everyone puts socializing on standby to help get society back to normality.

However, there’s no doubt that certain trends are set to increase in popularity this year as the dust settles and everyone starts to return to a more stable routine.

These trends were already on the rise before the pandemic but have only seen an acceleration of adoption in the wake of a more home-based lifestyle.

It is important to keep these trends in mind, as they will likely be here to stay in the long term.

Here are three cultural trends to watch out for this year:

CBD is Hitting the Mainstream

CBD oil poured in a glass

CBD has seen a stark rise in popularity over the past few years and is set to continue its path into mainstream culture. The substance is made up of a chemical compound called cannabidiol, sourced from the Cannabis sativa plant. As a result, CBD is still misunderstood by many, who mistakenly believe it to be a recreational drug like marijuana.

This is not the case.

It is traditionally bought in oil form but is now used in everything from face creams to vapes – which can be found at Many people believe it has a range of positive attributes, including improved sleep and memory, but this is still under scientific review.

CBD is perfectly legal and can be bought over the counter from a variety of stores, depending on which CBD products you are looking for.

It is worth keeping an eye out for CBD as it enters more markets worldwide.

Local Businesses and Produce will Make a Comeback

A writing board thanking customers for shopping local in a store

The governmental mission for environmental action against climate change and humanity’s impact on the natural world has called into question the viability of globalized trade, as the true environmental cost of cheap, on-demand services such as clothes, food and transport become more acknowledged.

While many industries will be difficult to change, there has undoubtedly been an increase in the number of people who try to shop locally and choose local products. This is the case particularly with food, evident in the rise of organic produce and an emphasis on local farmers.

There will be an Increase in Remote Working Environments

A remote worker working from a rooftop restaurant

Another growing trend to consider this year is remote working. Although the potential for more remote-based work has been viable since laptops and video conferencing apps have existed, the past year’s events have forced many businesses to send their employees home and work remotely.

While not everyone has enjoyed the experience, there is no doubt that lockdowns have stress-tested the practicalities of remote working. For example, a common criticism of working away from the office is that workers would become lazy and unaccountable, as there is no boss looking over their shoulders. Furthermore, there were widespread concerns that communication would break down and running an international business would be too difficult to endure in the long term.

For many companies across the board, this has not proven the case. In fact, remote working has presented many benefits which could prove difficult to give up. The greater sense of independence, freedom, flexibility for workers, and cheaper overhead costs for businesses make a convincing case, so it would be a surprise if the remote working did not continue to rise in popularity.


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