A beautiful home interior with creative touches

Adding Warmth and Character to Your Home

A house is not a home until you have put your finishing touches to it, and this can be anything from new carpets and drapes to sofas and chairs. When you make your house your home, you add warmth and you add personality and character, and this is unfortunately what quite a lot of homes currently lack, especially newer ones. So, if you are starting with the basics, or if you are starting from scratch, what can you do to add both warmth and character to your abode.

Focus on the Color Schemes Used

Neutrals are always good, but sometimes adding a splash of color can work just as well. Warm earthy tones look inviting and warm, and they are also very easy to work with, no matter the size or shape of the room. Focusing on color schemes early on will allow you to put together a home that is truly full of warmth.

Room in a house with the matching color schemes

Personal Accessories and Touches are Important

Standard store-bought stuff might look good initially, and might even make your place look like a show home, but if you are not getting a space that you want to live in and enjoy, then what are you getting? Having the store-bought items alongside handmade items and personalized items such as a t shirt blanket or crochet throw can warm up a cold living space or finish off a plain white bedspread. The finishing touches and accessories make a space your own.

Try and Create Themes or Themed Rooms

Give rooms a theme and you give them a personality. Themed rooms can show off your feelings and your personality, and rooms can center around warmth and character to reflect you and your feelings. When thinking about themes, think about how you will use the room and try and maintain its usability and functionality. It can be easy to let your ideas get away with you, and before you know it, you end up with a room that is dull, lifeless and useless.

The Lighting You Use Is Important

White lighting can leave your rooms feeling cold and exposed, whereas warmer lighting that appears slightly yellower can leave rooms and spaces feeling more relaxed and warmer. As well as the color of lighting, and the bulbs that you use, also think about the style of lighting. Up-lighters can create shadows and similarly down-lighters can fail to light up dark corners.

Lighting on a penthouse's terrace

Dare to Be Creative

Adding a little bit of eccentric wallpaper or featuring a piece of artwork that you love can help bring your home to life. Using brighter colors can help bring out the natural light within your home, which in turn can leave it feeling warmer and full of character.

Use the Power of Layering

When you layer up items you create a luxurious yet homely and warm feel. From layering rugs, to blankets, and fabrics the look and feel that you get cannot be replicated. Layering adds a new dimension to any room and can leave cold unloved rooms feeling welcoming.


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