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A Step-by-Step Guide to Waterproofing Concrete House Roof

Roofs are just as important as the foundation of any house. Water and air prove to be the worst enemies of roofs as they can seep into the structure and destroy it slowly. It’s crucial to invest in a good waterproofing system for the house to elongate its life.

For your convenience, we have developed a step-by-step guide to illustrate how to waterproof your concrete house roof. Don’t worry, we are not going to bombard you with technical waterproofing gibberish. We have kept our guide concise and simple so that even a layman can understand the basics of waterproofing concrete house roofs.

Preventive Waterproofing Measure for Your Concrete Roof

Before we plunge into our guide, we want to discuss some precautionary measures that can help at the time of the construction of your house. If you can take some solid and sensible roofing decisions at the beginning, you can avoid a ton of mistakes that may lead to early roofing problems, specifically related to water, air, or other natural phenomena;

  • If you are going for a flat concrete house roof, make sure it has a proper water drainage system that doesn’t let any rainwater ponding or stagnation on the surface because that is the primary cause of roof destruction.
  • In cases where you have bought a ready-made house, it is recommended to get your concrete roof checked by a professional waterproofing agent. There is a 90% chance that they will approve of your roof. However, if they suggest some changes, you should act upon their suggestion. Of course, it may seem like you are spending unnecessarily here but consider it as a preventive expenditure that would save you from a much bigger financial dip and unnecessary stress in the future.

A Step-by-Step Guide To Waterproofing Concrete Roof

1st Step: You Can’t Do It

The first step to waterproofing a concrete house roof is to understand that it cannot be done by you. It is professional work that strictly requires people with skills and experience. So don’t waste your energy by trying to fix a problem that you can potentially destroy more.

2nd Step: Seeking Profession Waterproofing Agents

Call the waterproofing agents and request their time for inspection. It is ideal to take opinions from more than one waterproofing service provider. This way you can get an idea of the cost and the root cause of the roof problem.

3rd Step: Selecting the Right Candidate

There are many ways to waterproof your roof. A good waterproofing company will provide at least two or more options. The waterproofing solutions may vary in terms of durability and cost. Depending on your budget and the situation of the roof, you can pick an ideal solution with the help of a waterproofing agent.

4th Step: Knowing the Basics

In most cases, waterproofing consists of two parts. The first is to seal or repair the broken or damaged parts of the roof. It can be done with a sealing solution. The sealing solutions are temporary or permanent. Your waterproofing expert will pick the right sealing solution depending upon the circumstances. At times, just this step is enough to waterproof the roof.

However, the application of sealing solution is followed by spreading a waterproof member on the entire concrete roof. The waterproof membrane comes in two different kinds i.e., a liquid solution or pre-formed sheets. Again, the decision is taken by the waterproofing agent depending upon the need and budget of the concrete roof.

5th Step: Inspection Time

There is another step here that isn’t necessary but very beneficial – the post-inspection phase. The waterproofing company sends its expert to check on the roof and see the results. There is a very little chance of failure, but in case things take an unexpected turn, you can always contact your waterproofing contractor and go for further adjustments.

3 Simple Actions to Elongate the Life of your Waterproofed Concrete Roof

After the waterproofing company finishes their work, it is time to resume control and take care of your roof better to enjoy a longer period of the sustainable concrete roof. Some easy-to-do measures can extend the life of your waterproofing system;

  • Clean your roof regularly as the dust and dirt cause more absorption of water and other elements.
  • Make sure the gutter of your concrete roof is clean so the water can be drained effortlessly.
  • Manually drain your roof after every spell of heavy rainfall as any stagnant water is injurious for the concrete roof.

It is important to properly maintain a concrete roof because water penetration and absorption not only cause structural harm but can damage the electrical wires going through the concrete, which is much more dangerous for any house.

Don’t Delay Waterproofing Concrete House Roofs

Did you know most people delay waterproofing until they bear irreparable consequences? We urge you to go for a waterproofing solution at the right time as you will end up spending more money than you saved by ignoring a problem. Secondly, waterproofing doesn’t cost much if you find the right company or a service provider.

So what are you waiting for? Call the waterproofing company near you and get the earliest appointment.


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