Look of a living room showing its flooring and interior

4 Latest Trends and Designs in Floor Tiles

Ordering food is tough but there is something more puzzling than this. It’s picking the right tiles for your floor. One question that can be a great help in this is – what’s trending in tiles? These 4 latest trends and designs in floor tiles can make the exhausting process of selecting tiles an exciting one.

1. Wood-look Tile

What else could be better than wood look-tiles for nature lovers and simple people? They look stylish and subtle making them a perfect choice for homes.

Wooden flooring in a living room
Wooden Flooring

2. Fabric-look Tiles

Never underestimate the power of fabrics. Soft textures of silk or linen can easily add grace to your floor. Choose them for a cosy and comfortable home. This new trend will ensure your floor welcomes guests warmly.

Office floor having fabric looking tiles
Fabric-look Flooring Tiles

3. Metallic Tiles

Metallic shades are viral. So use them on your floor tiles as well. They are bright and full of class. Especially for the bathroom, metallic tiles are a perfect choice.

Metallic tiles adding luxury look to the flooring
Metallic Flooring

4. Vibrant Colors and Patterns

They say that orange color is the new black. But for tiles, every color can be as classy as the black. A bright colored tile can lighten up your room.

If you are looking for bathroom tile designs then you can go for multi color tiles. And if you want some more charm and symmetry, go for tiles with patterns. Patterns are always in trends!

For example, multi color tiles having different shapes like hexagon, triangle and pattern resembles to Rainbow for bathroom floor tiles.

Room's flooring having vibrant colors and patterns in the tiles
Vibrant Colors Flooring

Yes, choosing your tiles will seem like a big struggle. There are hundreds of options and just one mind to use. But with the trends in your mind, you can easily find the tile made for you.


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