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Wall Art: 5 Options for Your Home

Wall art is something that we normally take for granted, but it’s a great way to create an inviting feeling in any space. Regardless of your décor style, you may find it difficult to add wall décor without breaking the budget or looking tacky.


Picking Art for Your Home

Art comes in many different forms, from paintings to photography, and this article can help you decide what type of art would appeal to you. When you’re starting out on your way to decorating your new apartment or home, it may be best to start with the small stuff.

These ideas make for quick and easy transformations that will give your home a charm unlike anything else.

Custom Posters

When you think of posters, you may immediately think of teenage posters on bedroom walls, but these days there are so many options for grown-up custom poster prints. With custom posters, you can express your personality while telling a story or displaying your favorite artwork.

They are easy to make and an affordable way to decorate your home in a stylish way. You can have individual designs or collages printed on high-quality poster paper and framed for hanging on the wall; the possibilities are endless.

Tip: Check out Craft & Oak custom star maps for custom posters that make beautiful wall art options.

Portrait Photography

A personalized photo print of your pet or a family member can be a great way to bring a little personal touch to the walls of your home.

A framed photo in a home will help add that extra personal touch, and you can create graphics and designs to match any style.

To get this look, you can have a local photographer take your photos at locations that show off the subject’s personality.

A portrait photo of a woman in black and white polka dot shirt

Architecture Photography

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly wall art option, then architecture photography may appeal to you.

This is best for people who aren’t looking to spend a lot of money on custom posters or personalized portrait photography but still want something that will add character to their walls.

Architecture photography is more commonly seen in galleries rather than in the home, as it does have a fairly niche market, but IKEA stock a range of architecture photography on canvases which can add a lot to even the smallest of spaces.

Grayscale photo of Metz museum Centre Pompidou in France

Painting Reproductions

Painting reproductions are an affordable way to decorate your home with something that will look striking in the space.

You can get high-quality reproductions of paintings at a fraction of the cost of purchasing the original piece -especially when it comes to famous paintings such as Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

While these aren’t necessarily unique or one-of-a-kind pieces, they are a great alternative if you are just looking for something to jazz up your space.

Painting reproduction of a woman in green and yellow dress

Collages and Galleries

Making collages and creating galleries is a great way to display your favorite artwork or photographs on the walls of your home.

You can get pre-designed collage posters in unique styles or create your own collage using online services.

Beautiful photo collages and gallery on a wall

These are a great way to give your space a contemporary twist and include personal touches such as text or calligraphy.


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