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Pep Up Your Nails with DIY Manicure at Home

Going for a party and you get done with the face and eye makeup, the hairdo, & then you run the chance with your nails. This is, nevertheless, the biggest catastrophe of makeup. Our so-called contemporary ladies often laze around when it comes to giving a makeover to their nails. As according to them, nail polishing is the only climax that will fetch them an absolute charming look. However, they forget that taking a proper care of nails and being on pins and needles to earn their charm is as important as their face makeup.

To keep tabs on the elegance of your nails, you must follow these manicure tips to do-it-yourself at home:

Keep Short, Stay Trendy

Long nails like daggers will give you much of a retro look; so just keep them short & keep them trendy. Short nails are hygienic, healthy, and easier to maintain. Square shaped nails with rounded corners are just in fashion.

awesome art work done on nails

Buff Them Up

The nail files or buffer comes with different grit levels; the one with the 240 grit count or higher is a gentle choice for the nails. You must, Anyways, avoid using a nail buffer with a grit count lesser than 240 as this might cause your nails to peel and split. To buff your nails, start with the coarsest grit side of the buffer in a gentle side-to-side motion. Smoothening out the major ridges should be your first concern. Repeat the process with the next roughest setting, the third setting, and then, moving on to the last (smoothest) side of the buffer. Carry on with buffing until you achieve the perfect smooth nails to put on clear nail polish.

Skip Out on the Soak

Many manicurists would want your fingers to get saturated in a little bowl of water before polishing. Avoid them doing that! When you get your nails dunk in water, the nail plates blow up with the moisture and then contracts as it dries. Resultantly, your nail polish finds it arduous to adhere, and thus, gets chipped.

Nails color matching with skin tone

Choose a Complimentary Hue

Pick a shade that is complimentary to your skin tone, and you will get accentuated with your charm. If you are pale, you must go for hues like purples or reds; blues or metallic hues will make wonders with your medium skin tone. If you have got a dusky skin tone, you must opt for shades like deeps red or gold. Grey, Black, and Corals are the shades that will compliment every kind of skin tone. Tip: if you are in haste, you can get your paint dry in a little while by dipping your fingers in a bowl of cold water.

Say Bye-Bye to the Dead Skin

Give a massage to your hard working hands for extra moisture. Dot a cuticle cream on the cuticles, rub it, and leave it to let the dead skin around your fingernails get soften. Thereafter, take an orange wood stick to push your cuticles back. See that you don’t hurt your cuticles as it can cause you infections, and thus, damaging the nails.


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