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6 Unique and Awesome Birthday Gifts for Your Boyfriend

How hard is it to find a cool, unique, fun, and thoughtful gift for your boyfriend that simultaneously shows how much you care and doesn’t break the bank.

Let’s face it: Extremely hard!

Here are 6 unique and awesome birthday gifts for your boyfriend that will undoubtedly earn you serious brownie points (some of which you can steal from him when he’s not looking)!

1. Retro T-Shirts

Whether your fella is a comic-con aficionado or a tv and movie geek, whatever his favorite franchise, you simply cannot go wrong with retro or movie cool t-shirts as a fabulous birthday gift. From Rick and Morty to Back To The Future to Flash Gordon himself, treat that geeky man in your life to a trendy and vibrant t-shirt with which he can proudly show the world where his fan allegiances lie.

2. Coffee Machines

Anyone who is anyone has a coffee machine these days. Well, unless they don’t like coffee, obviously. If your fella is a caffeine connoisseur, make his mornings significantly more energized and interesting by investing in a coffee machine for his birthday. From Nespresso and Dolce Gusto to lesser-known pod and sachet coffee machines, he’ll be thanking you every morning for this thoughtful, long-lasting, and absolutely delicious birthday gift.

3. Adult Card Games

Cards Against Humanity is an absolute belter, but following the success of that particular adult card game, there is now an incredibly large selection of adult card games on the market, and they make the most wonderful gift. From meme, internet, and social media-based games to card games made for parties and gatherings which entirely focus on your boyfriend’s mates and how well they know each other, a funky titled card game makes for an excellent birthday gift.

4. Home Brewing

There is a plethora of home brewing gifts for that special, beer-guzzling or lager-loving chap in your life. One of the best home brewing gifts, if he already has the essential equipment, that is, are some fancy recipe books or more interesting and unique grains or types of yeast. If this is a new hobby you are inadvertently encouraging, a home brewing kit is your best bet.

5. Acupressure Mat

Whether or not he has a stressful daily life or not, everyone, regardless of occupation, would benefit from an acupressure mat. An acupressure mat, sometimes called a needle stimulation pad, is covered with hundreds of plastic and rubber-type nubs which apply pressure to the back and shoulders. Proven to relieve muscle ache, anybody would be made up to receive such a thoughtful birthday gift.

6. Luxury Robe

In the same vein as the mat, another thoughtful gift for relaxation and comfort would be a luxuriously soft robe. The bonus being, when he’s not looking, you can steal it for yourself. Do not be stingy on the sizing because when it comes to dressing robes, the comfier and the bigger, the better! Also, be sure to get the softest material you can, with silk being very good for robes.


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