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Working at a Desk? Here’s a Guide for Staying Healthy

In this day and age, a high number of people are worried about having a desk job which means they will be sat down all day. The unfortunate fact is that a lot of jobs these days will require sitting down at a screen the majority of the time due to the world now being so technology-focused and online-based.

If you’re working at a desk all day, whether as an employee, as a runner of your own business, or working from home, here’s a handy guide for how you can make your health a top priority.

Make Sure Your Desk Setup is Ergonomic

Ergonomics are what’s going to help you stay supported, comfortable and healthy with your seating arrangement and posture. Good ergonomics for your desk will help to prevent strain or other injuries and problems over time.

For an ergonomic desk setup, your desk should be at the appropriate height to prevent shoulder or neck strain so that your arms can rest easily. You can also think about wrist supports for your keyboard and mouse. Adjust your screen to the right height so that it is at the correct eye level, and set your chair up with a footrest to promote better posture.

Get the Right Chair

Cheap and uncomfortable desk chairs will make working at a desk very difficult, as well as compromise your spine health. The right chair should come equipped with a cushioned seat, lumbar support, and adjustable height so that you can make sure you fit at your desk properly.

Schedule Regular Eye Appointments

Because working at a screen can be very intense, keeping your eyesight healthy is important. Regular eye appointments are not only important for general eye health, but they can help you to stay on top of your prescription needs if you need glasses. A lot of people struggle with eyestrain and other issues when looking at a screen, and you may not even know that you require glasses to help with your computer work. Looking for an eye exam near me will help to keep your eyes healthy and support desk work.

Take Regular Breaks

Even a quick break for a minute or two that allows you to stand and stretch your legs will make all the difference. Try to fit regular breaks in throughout the day to take a step away from both your chair and your screen, to give your legs, back and eyesight a break.

Have an Active Lifestyle

Staying healthy when working at a desk all day isn’t just about the time you spend at the screen. You can help to promote a healthier lifestyle overall and counteract how much time you spend sitting at a desk by trying harder to be more active during time outside of work.

This could be walking to and from working instead of driving, taking a walk on your lunch break, having a good fitness routine in your spare time, or making sure you go on plenty of walks to stretch your legs.

This can all help with good health, as opposed to getting home and sitting down all evening as well as being sat down all day.


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