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4 Ways to Improve Your Home Security

Everyone should feel safe at home, but it can be easier for break-ins to happen than you might think. The majority of the time, thieves are opportunists who might spy an open window or just wait until the property is empty to try and pry open a flimsy-looking door. To avoid coming home to find you have been burgled, and to sleep peacefully at night knowing that intruders won’t make it into your home, here are four ways you can improve your home’s security.

1. Smart Systems

Alarm systems are always good to have in place at home, but these days there are much smarter security systems available that are much more effective. You can see who is at your door even when you’re not home through a video connection from your doorbell to an app on your phone Additionally, you have access to any other cameras you might have on your property.

They are also constantly on, whereas older systems need you to set the alarm before you leave the house. Luckily, they won’t sound alarms when you and other members of your household are in, as they can detect your patterns and will only alert you when there is some unusual activity on your property.

2. Quality Locks

Another important thing you need to invest in at home is your locks. Some models are much easier to break than others, so the next time you get your locks changed, ask your locksmith about their recommendations rather than just getting the cheapest kind. Although it might be more expensive, you’ll have a securer home and peace of mind. You could also look at getting smart lock systems for better protection, which you can find out more about at

3. Perimeter Fencing and Gates

Perimeter walls and fences at the boundary lines of your property are important and help to make it harder for uninvited visitors to walk onto your land. If your fencing is looking worn out, consider getting it replaced as soon as possible to improve your overall security measures.

You should also make sure that it is high enough that climbing over it won’t be easy and offering you more privacy. You might want to consider getting a security gate for your property as well at the entrance of your driveway, most of which you can control remotely so you can get in and out with ease while still keeping your home secure.

4. Windows

While the locks on your doors should be a top priority, don’t forget about the quality of the locks on your windows, too! Having reinforced glass that is harder to smash is also something you should look into. Frosted glass or sheer voile curtains can also help to make it harder to see into your home, therefore obscuring the view of your valuables so they won’t be advertised to potential burglars.

If you want to improve your home’s security so you can have better peace of mind, consider the suggestions above and see which ones will work for you.


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