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Pro Tips on How to be Mysterious

Whether the relationship is in its infancy or you’ve been living with your man/woman for a couple of years or you’re just a lonely guy, being enigmatic to your loved one is an art that never goes out of fashion. But how to become a mysterious riddle he or she will solve over and over again?

Starting off with the ladies. Let’s talk about the first mystery impression when reaching somebody you want to “hook” with. Most people make a lot of fucking funny mistakes at this moment… talking about yourself incessantly, mixed up with stupid assumptions, that way your company quickly loses interest.

Break the Habit

Be unpredictable, be interesting, don’t be like a scheduled public bus. At some point your boyfriend is waiting for you to do those things, do not! If your bf is certain that you will be home by 7 p.m. just freaking go for a walk or something, make him wonder. The same goes for your firm opinions on some issues. If your man is sure he knows what you’re feeling about it or how you’re going to react to his words, what you’re going to do and say, behave in a different way. Let him hear words other than these. Sometimes even shut the fuck up and smile. It might not be easy to talk with girls but it’s worth it.

How to Be a Mysterious

Try Being Untouchable

If you are sexually active with your man, change the rhythm, the energy of the relationship more often. And then the question of how to be a mysterious woman will not torment you. You should not have sex regularly and on schedule. Do your things several times a week, and then for a week or two, cancel sex. Decide what suits you for yourself, which rhythm to choose from. In the end, you know better than others about your relationship. Men need to feel insecure.

Last but not Least

A mysterious woman or man knows what enjoyment is and knows how to feel it. Explore, enjoy your body, get to know your erogenous zones. Make the most of the operation. Sexuality is spinning around those enigmatic women. A mysterious woman won’t miss the opportunity to show off her flaws for sex. And this is a fucking science of love, by the way.


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