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How to Turn Casual Dating into a Relationship

If, after checking the relationship, you came to the conclusion that it was this person who found the key to your heart, it is probably time to take the relationship to a higher level. When you are ready, tell your partner about your serious perception of your relationship and that you are ready to devote yourself to their development and maintenance in a healthy state. Absolutely all relationships are built differently, so you should discuss all the details with your partner.

Decide on the transition to a serious relationship with a partner

You can express your serious attitude simply by openly discussing the conditions of cohabitation or by a more serious act – an engagement. In this case, everything depends on you and your partner. In any case, the decision to move to serious relations and work in this direction implies the willingness of both parties to make certain concessions for the good of relations.

Usually from a serious relationship, it is expected that none of you will look for dates on the side, although this is true for relations of any level. However, do not expect this to be taken for granted. It would be better to openly discuss this issue with a partner.

Be honest with your partner

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a long-term relationship is being honest with each other. If you decide on a serious relationship, then you should be honest with your partner, at least in terms of expectations from the relationship and your outlook on happiness. If something upsets you, do not be afraid to talk about it and be able to listen to what will be said in response.

Listening is an important aspect of honesty. You should always be ready to listen to your partner so that they can open up to you at any time without fear. Do everything you can for this.

Again, for different couples, the concept of “honesty” may have slightly different meanings. Is it really necessary to share the details of your past relationships with each new partner if this could jeopardize the current relationship? Only you can answer this question. If this haunts you, then share it with your partner. Otherwise, it would be better to keep silent.

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Be able to overcome troubles

The difference between casual and long-term relationships is how you are prepared to resolve disagreements with your partner. A quarrel will not necessarily mean the end of a relationship. It only serves as an indicator that you have come to something that you need to resolve together, or you just need to come to terms with the potential obstacle to happiness that has arisen. In any case, the quarrel must be able to resolve and overcome.

Solve problems immediately when they arise. The worst thing you can do is to start to ignore the moments that are troubling you in order to maintain a sense of general well-being. It’s better to solve problems sooner rather than later.

It is important to understand the difference between small, minor disputes and serious problems that you cannot close your eyes to. If you often argue about prepared dishes, then this is one thing, but if your partner constantly criticizes your culinary abilities and just pisses you off when discussing dishes, then this is a completely different matter.

Make amends and spend time together. Here are some great family home evening activities for you to share.

Make mutual friends

There is a widespread belief that “if your friend has a serious relationship, then you will never see them again.” The longer the relationship develops, the more difficult it becomes to maintain the previous social communication in addition to the work that has to be done to preserve the relationship. To make it easier for you, try joining forces. Make mutual friends and communicate with them together.

You should try to avoid situations where you only communicate with your partner’s friends. Of course, it’s good if your partner has a lot of friends, but you should try to make new mutual friends. If you break up, then it will be very difficult for you to lose all your friends. Try to meet couples and single people with whom you will have a good time.

Set common goals

If you find that your goals in life do not contradict the views of your partner, then start setting common goals for yourself and your relationship. What are your final plans for yourself and your relationship? Where do you want to be in a year? In five years? Decide what you need to do to move together in your chosen direction.

At the first stage, this may include the joint accumulation of funds, the completion of education, building a career, and other steps that in the future will provide you with a more comfortable life. In the future, the goal may be marriage and the appearance of children, investment of accumulated funds, and other family tasks.


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