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5 Not to Ignore Photography Trends in 2019 – Smartphone vs Camera

Two decades ago photographing was an art for a few people and events. It was only a part of big occasions or some special days. Today, smartphones have made every one of us a photographer and whenever we see something eye-catching we capture the scene in our phones in an instant. To brush up your photography skills and ensure that you dazzle the photographs, you have to follow the latest style of 2019. Check out if you are interested in sports photography. This fresh year make your photographs alive with 5 not to ignore photography trends in 2019.

1. Props Make Pictures Pretty

This year photography props like fire light or smoke bombs are going to be an attraction of photographs. A little effort on finding a great accessory, be it a book with a vivid cover or a classic statue standing with you, will make your photographs alive. Easiest prop you can find out is the weather. Yes, you read it right, weather. A ray of sunlight, a rainbow stretched over the sky or a snowball in winters, capture them in phones. Even the darkness of the night can help your pictures.

2. Be Minimalist in the Frame

Showing everything in one photograph is not going to make through 2019. Minimalists will win this year. Focus on one or two things you want to highlight in your photograph. Don’t fill a hundred details of background or a pallet of colours. Keep one or two things with you and either blur the unnecessary or use the portrait mode. A flower will look better than a bouquet and colour coordinate themes are trendy. This works best in commercial photography.

3. Unleash the Emotions

Suppressing or not expressing your true self are gone with 2018. Being authentic will be the style of 2019. Smile till ears, give a dancing pose, showcase your art or give a killer wink. Be yourself. Your drama is your part; let it shine in your photographs.

4. Relieve the Retro

After the latest 10-year challenge on posting your photographs from 2009 and 2019, getting cues from the past is a hit. Go through your old photographs, they will give you double gifts. First, you will walk down the memory lane and second they will give a superb new idea for your photographs. And remember is nothing works; recreating old photographs does wonder.

5. Pose with Nature

In 2019 when you have no one with you to pose or your photograph frame feels empty, nature will be your perfect partner. Look for greenery in your balcony or walk into nature with your camera. Nature acts as a great ally in photographs. There is inherent beauty in nature, let it live with your photographs.

Whatever is the year, 2009 or 2019 the thing that will remain always in trend is a smile. A real smile lights up the whole photo album. While clicking a picture when nothing special comes to your mind, start smiling from the heart. Smiles are eternal, try them!


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