how to prevent identity theft

Save Yourself from Identity Theft, Right Now!

The next time a website asks you to set a password with an alphabet, a number, a symbol and what not, don’t get frustrated. They are just trying to protect you against threats. We know it is painful to create a unique password for each website you register to. But to save your personal data it is inevitable.

But your responsibility towards creating a safe haven in the web of internet for yourself doesn’t end with just creating a strong or a very strong password. You are still prone to cyber threats and hacks from innumerable sources who strive on such vulnerable accounts.

Is there a solution at all? Shout out for identity theft protection service providers.

Firstly, who are these identity theft protection service providers?

Identity theft protection service providers offer to monitor and recover in case your online identity gets hacked or in other words stolen.

What do they not do?

They do not protect your data or identity from getting stolen, no body but you can do it. Sometimes even yourself cannot foresee such calamities.

What do they do, exactly?

These companies offer to watch over your accounts and notify you if they find any suspicious activity related to your account. In case your account is compromised, they try and recover from the effects of such thefts. Sometimes they also provide insurance coverage for any loss due to such activities.

Let’s see this in detail for a bit

Monitoring Services

In simpler terms, when your bank account information, driving license, passport, or medical ID number is being used or specifically monitored by a third party website or agency, the service provider sends you an alert.

They also keep a watch on public listing or database so that when a query related to your address or loan applications arises. They generally have access to national records and other kinds of databases. For example, they keep a watch on the sex offender registry so if an offender enters your area you will be notified.

So what happens when you get an alert that your details have been compromised?

Identity Recovery Services

Nowadays the recovery services is also sold with the monitoring services as a bundle. Once your identity has been hacked the recovery service providers help you to try and regain the goodwill and financial accounts. They help you to freeze all your cards and credit reports. They also address to the creditors, banks and loaners about the identity theft so that actions and formalities to recover would be initiated.

Identity Theft Insurance

Most of the identity theft protection services these days provide insurance against any expenses in terms of identity theft. But these cover only direct expenses related to recovery of the identity.

Some of them like LifeLock, might reimburse the expenses like lost wages or legal fees, depending on the case. Check out LifeLock reviews online for further information.

In today’s world where most of our memories, transactions and communications are online, it is more than essential to have a safe Digital life. Even the most learned people fall prey to digital identity theft sometimes due to their negligence and lethargy.

But even after all the precautions and steps there are times where there might be premeditated and planned attack on your identity. That is where the services of an identity theft protection provider help us.


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