Best ways to have a sound deep sleep

5 Ways to Have a Sound Deep Sleep

The irregular lifestyle and long hours of work take a bad toll on the health of our body. One of the major factors that define our health is the number of hours of proper sleep that we take in a day. Many people across the world complain of inadequate sleep and sleep disorders like insomnia and other related concerns. Here are certain habits that you can develop to have a better quality of night sleep.

1. Sleep at a Fixed Time

One should try to sleep around a fixed time because doing that will create a pattern for your body clock. When you cross your regular sleep timings, you might not be able to sleep easily. This disturbs the body clock and a haphazard pattern like this can have adverse long-term effects.

2. Say NO to Electronics before Sleep

Electronics produce a blue ray light that signals the mind to stay awake, people today have a habit of excessive use of their laptops and mobile phones right before sleep. This keeps the mind alert and does not let the body loosen up. This has a very ill effect on the body. You can listen to some light music and dim up the lights in your room to relax your body before you go to sleep.

3. Watch out for Your Intake of Caffeine

Always watch out for timings of your caffeine intake. It is known to have its effect up to 6 hours of its consumption. Therefore, one should not consume it well past afternoon.

4. Control Your Sleep Stress

If you think too much about not being able to sleep, probably it will cause more sleepless nights for you. If you tune your psychology by thinking that the next night you will have a good night sleep, you certainly will sleep better. If you are stressed over something at midnight, try to channel your thoughts towards something positive or you can start thinking of things that make you feel happy. It could be your favourite childhood memory or the moment in your life when you felt like on top of the world.

5. Observe What Your Body Feels like When You Wake up in the Morning

You can easily guess the quality of sleep you are getting by studying the behaviour of your body in the morning. If you are having neck or back cramps in the morning and you don’t feel light, then there is certainly something wrong with the way you are sleeping. Always check the pillow you are using. Also, one should never sleep in tight-fitting clothes because that will prevent the muscles of your body to relax.

A proper sleep pattern along with a healthy diet will surely make you stress-free and healthy, assuring a healthy living for your family. If you know that you are following a bad lifestyle, then it is really the time to change. This will help you from falling yourself prey to many health issues at later stages of your lives.


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