Melissa Bolona Recognized as a Top Philanthropist in Genlux Magazine’s Holiday Issue

Actress Melissa Bolona Recognized as a Top Philanthropist in Genlux Magazine’s Holiday Issue

Melissa Bolona has had an unparalleled rise to stardom. Known first for her modeling career, Bolona has taken the acting world by storm, earning major roles in a variety of upcoming films, including Acts of Violence, directed by Brett Donowho, which is set to release in January of 2018. However, Bolona’s busy schedule does not stop her from being a recognized philanthropist- and it certainly did not stop her from taking time to sit down for an interview with Genlux Magaxine for their upcoming Holiday Issue.

Melissa Bolona Philanthropist

During her Genlux interview, Bolona opened up about her love for animals and her tireless work with the ASPCA. A proud pet parent of two dogs, Bolona also spends her time and resources helping less fortunate animals. During her interview, Bolona opened up about her lifestyle, passion, and dreams for the future- which include settling down in her new home while she continues to work with the ASPCA. Bolona was first recognized for her philanthropic efforts in the New York Observer’s “Top 20 Philanthropists Under 40” two years ago, and the actress has not slowed down despite the fact that her career has picked up.

Melissa Bolona- Career

Bolona first took on Hollywood in 2014, and since her debut, the starlet has shown no signs of stopping. Bolona has worked on a variety of films, sometimes earning major roles opposite already well-known actors like Nicholas Cage. After an eventful filming season in 2017, and with a number of anticipated movies ready to hit the big screen, Bolona is slated to work on numerous upcoming productions.

Bolona’s dedication to service, and passion for her work in acting are truly exemplary. For more upcoming movies featuring Melissa Bolona, you can check out Melissa Bolona IMDB.


Image Credits: and Genlux Magazine


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