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Apple phones or iPhones running on Apple’s iOS operating system have been around since the year 2007. Since then, Apple has released many new devices into the marketplace. When we talk about smartphones, Apple phones are always considered better than Android phones. There is something about Apple phones because when once you are an Apple phone user, you will usually remained an Apple user. We usually find Android users switching to Apple phones, seldom do we find Apple phones users switching over to Android phone users.

What I am sharing here is my own personal opinion. I have heard from friends that Apple phones do not have as much technical problems as the Androids and they are more stable than Android phones. Apple phones are great for playing games because of their faster speeds and better performance. For those who love shooting photo with their smartphones, they should invest in an Apple new phone for the dual camera lens setup for more vibrant photos with more vivid and more natural-looking colours.

One of the reasons why Apple phone users stick to iphones is because it is the easiest phone to use compared to all the other Android phones. iPhones may not change much in its look over the years since its first release, but its faithful users are not complaining about the ease of just picking it up, turning it on, and just touching the screen to start using the device.

iPhone users enjoy more app on their store than the Android phone users. What is available to iPhones may not be available to Android phone users. iPhones work well with Macs and users can even use their MacBook to send and receive text messages, receive and make calls with their iPhone nearby. iPhone users can enjoy Apple Pay which is the most popular method for making easy mobile payments. Payments can easily be done by pressing your finger on the phone’s Touch ID sensor at the payment terminal at the checkout counter.

If you are thinking of upgrading your existing Apple devices to the newer devices or thinking of getting one of the latest release, then it is good to get in touch with an Apple reseller company that will be able to help you when you need assistance in sourcing and procuring equipment. is an Apple Premier Partner and also provides Apple customer service, data recovery, and other solutions.

Madalene Walker

This guest post was provided by Madalene Walker. She is a tech enthusiastic and an Apple fan.

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