Ways to stay motivated at work

8 Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated at Work, Like the Experts Do

While each of us want to achieve greater success in our lives, reach the goals and aspirations that we have set out for ourselves, nobody can always be motivated, especially at work. We might think the leaders of our ages and the more successful people might be to do that, but even they feel the slump at different points of their lives. However they do not stop at that, they overcome that and emerge victoriously from that. Let us see how they succeed when most of us fail to.

They start early

A lot of us struggle to start any project. But the better ones start working a bit earlier than us. They begin their day and their work with momentum that others might lack. It is quite known that the early birds get their prey.

They have clear goals

Creating a schedule and goal for each of their day could help avoid these slumps as you are already focused on your goals. These goals could be long and short term so that you will know where you are headed to.

They have good interpersonal relationships

They have a good rapport with their colleagues, peers and everyone in their network. They empathize and avoid office politics and gossips. They compete professionally, yet do not let that ruin their good time. Having few friends at the work place could increase your enthusiasm about work.

They take pride in their accomplishments

They have a healthy sense of ego and feel satisfied at their work. Well, they don’t gloat but they have of what they have achieved. One of the major cause for employee attrition is that they are not satisfied with their work and they do not feel belonged. When one enjoys and takes pride in his work, he is self-motivated to perform better.

They focus on long term growth

They are sure of what they want and strive to achieve that. They do not let the minor setbacks and slowdowns to stop their pace or de-motivate them in any way. They have their vision set out for themselves, in financial, interpersonal and professional spheres of their lives and strive to achieve them.

Eat the frog

Despite all the positive vibes and talks, one does feel the slump when a pile of work gets loaded on one’s desk. Often hitting the most difficult job right away may boost you and help you accomplish more with the new found motivation.

They keep learning

Most successful people do not just stop with what they know, but they keep seeking to know more and wider. Learning new things not only make you feel confident about yourself but keep the lows off. Be it learning a new skill or a new language keeping your brain occupied sure makes you rejuvenated and helps yourself push better towards your goals.

They regenerate

They make sure they get themselves an optimum amount of sleep at every night. One cannot emphasis enough on the importance of a night’s restful sleep. In addition to that, very short power naps and quick breaks from the desk could head a long way in keep yourself fresh and enthused about your work for longer durations, especially during stressful hours.

More often than not we fail to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones. But to succeed it is absolutely essential that we motivate ourselves to achieve greatness in everything we do, professionally or otherwise. True motivation cannot be acquired or derived from external factors alone, it should emanate regularly from within ourselves.


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