A baby boy's Christening ceremony

3 Things to Remember When Planning a Christening

A christening is a great way to celebrate the new little family member’s entry into the world for many new parents. Whether you are religious or not, a christening provides a great opportunity for everyone to celebrate the new life and officially commemorate their name and entry into the family.

Even though a christening doesn’t have to involve a massive party, there are still several things that you will want to remember when you are in the process of planning your child’s christening. It is, after all, an event where friends and family will gather to celebrate your little one together.

The event itself can be relatively low-key and simple. You might only have a handful of people invited overall. However, you don’t want to make the mistake of committing a certain faux pas without even realizing it.

With that in mind, here are three things that you will want to remember when you are in the process of planning your child’s christening.

1. Godparent Gifts

You already know that one part of having your child christened is the selection of the godparents from among your close friends and family. Many people consider this to be a great honor and are flattered to have been selected for such a purpose.

These days, being a godparent is less about being the person who would be the de-facto guardian of a child in the untimely event of the parents’ passing and more about serving as a role model and positive influence in a child’s life. From a religious standpoint, the godparents are meant to act as a spiritual guide who assists the parents in the Christian upbringing of the child.

Whatever your personal beliefs may be, and however you are going to be looking at the role of godparent, you don’t want to forget to show your appreciation to your friends who have accepted this role in your child’s life. Although godparent gifts aren’t always expected, they are a great way to thank someone for being such a big part of your child’s life right from the start.

2. The Baby’s Outfit

The outfit that your baby is christened in should be specifically selected for the occasion. Traditionally, this should be a white outfit that symbolizes the purity of the christening. Be sure that you check with your church to see what sort of outfit would be appropriate for the baby, as they might have certain guidelines to follow. Furthermore, it is a good idea to have a backup outfit in case your baby has some sort of messy accident on the day.

3. The After Party

You might not be interested in throwing a massive reception following your child’s christening, but some sort of after-party is expected. You can keep things small by hosting close friends and family at your home for some light food and drink, or you can go all-out by booking a venue. Whatever you decide, make sure to have this part of the christening planned out in advance.


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