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How to Start Your Day in a More Positive Way

Are you the type that has a real hard time getting up in the morning and finding that motivation to start the day? Would you consider yourself as the polar opposite of a “morning person”? Do you find that your morning often starts in a negative way, which can end up spilling into the rest of the day?

Well instead of being resigned to just never getting that good start to the day, and telling yourself you’ll never be a morning person, why not look into some tips and steps that can help turn things around. Let’s face it, starting the day in a more positive way could be a really great thing both from a physical and mental standpoint. So, let’s take a closer look at how you can start to change the way you view your mornings.

Practice Breathing or Meditation Exercises after Your Alarm Goes Off

Rather than associating your alarm as a negative thing in the morning, why not change the way you get out of bed? Rather than turning off the alarm as you jump out of bed, allow yourself 5-10 minutes to do some deep breathing exercises or meditation. This helps to calm the mind, slow things down, and focus on being present and relaxed.

Schedule Time for a Morning Shower

Many people choose to shower in the evenings before bed as part of their wind down routine, but changing things up and showering in the morning instead can be a great way to invigorate yourself. You can even go the extra step and pick up soaps and shampoos with a bright and lively scent, such as citrus, to help awaken your mind.

Make Sure You Don’t Skip Breakfast

If you’re the type that just rushes around in a daze in the morning, or you drag yourself out of bed just in time to get dressed and walk out the door, then you are missing out on an important morning routine. Making sure you take the time to sit down and enjoy a healthy well-balanced breakfast will completely transform how you feel in the morning. It provides you with that boost of energy you need in the moment, as well as helping you to power through the morning until lunch.

Besides eating a well-balanced meal, it can also be nice to take the time to brew a delicious cup of coffee and then take the time to savor it, rather than gulping it down. You can even make the job of brewing a coffee fun and feel more like a high-end coffee house by investing in a new kitchen appliance, such as coffee machine.

Do a Few Morning Stretches

Morning stretches will not only help to wake you up, but they offer all kinds of other wellness benefits. They can help to increase your blood flow, give you a burst of energy, help ease any aches and pains you wake up with, and help to improve your posture over time.

Start Looking Forward to Morning Rather than Dreading It

By following these tips, you’ll soon start to see that you look forward to mornings, and that they can be a positive thing rather than something you dread.


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