Grab your ‘ME’ time from daily schedule

Grab Yourself Some Time-out Despite What the Schedule Says!

Sometimes you can feel that life is just a long list of to-do things that you have to tick off before the clock runs out. We have goals and action plans to achieve and most of the time, we are truly stressed out and what we forget to grab is some ME time. While most of us find it ridiculous and almost impossible to keep aside a certain time for themselves, amidst the chaos we live in, experts believe that such time outs can be beneficial both physically and mentally.

What is ‘ME’ Time?

Well, it means any time that you devote to your own self-interests and not being bothered about the daily run. Thus it may not be the same for everyone and what might seem to be a waste of time for one, might seem a fruitful or relaxing time for another. Nevertheless, getting some time for yourself can be the best therapy in some cases. Allotting a scheduled break from the other organized chaos in your life, may improve your self-esteem as well.

How to Take a ME Time?

Some things are easier said than done. Though it might seem very simple to decide to schedule some time for yourself, in real life it might be harder. Unless you zero in a specific time in your daily or weekly schedule, your precious ME time might be evasive to grab. Even a short slot of 30 minutes a day could do wonders for your health and mood.

What Makes Your ME Time?

Make you the priority: Hit the gym during your ME time. Run or walk through the path that you have never taken. Get fit and better.

Pick a hobby: It is never late to pick a hobby you had left because your schedule did not allow. Paint your heart out, click photographs. Write your biography or start a blog.

Learn new things: Have you always wanted to learn to sing or play an instrument? Learn a language or two. Read a book or a classic that you always wanted to.

Network: Catch up with people who inspire you, who are your role models. Meet the elders that taught and made you whom you are now. Get out of your comfort zone by making an effort to meet new people, who may or may not change your life.

Improve interpersonal relationships: Reach out to the old friends you may have lost touch with. Make family time more meaningful and qualitative.

Volunteer: If being with people makes you happier, please consider volunteering. There are several NGOs that would love to have more people involved. Make a better world and give back to the community.

Often you might have heard people to say to ‘stop and smell the roses’, well, you might not have to smell the roses in your garden, or you may if that is what you want to, but do take some time off for yourself, because you are worth it and you might be the best company you have met in your life.


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