What are common laptop errors and how to solve them

Common Laptop Errors and How to Diagnose Them

Your laptop is probably one of the things you rely on to accomplish basic daily tasks. When it isn’t running right, you’ll want to fix the problem as soon as possible to get your system back up and running. Here are some of the most common laptop errors and how to fix them.

Battery isn’t Charging or Drains Fast

This is self-explanatory. If your battery isn’t charging, but you can still use your device while it’s plugged into the wall then you need to purchase a new battery. It’s also possible that you have a weak battery if it drains faster than you expect. It’s common for batteries to get weak as they age. Replacing your battery is a relatively inexpensive repair and doesn’t require special skills to accomplish. If your laptop won’t power on when it’s plugged in, you’ll want to look into replacing the power cord.

Common laptop keyboard issues

Keyboard isn’t Working

Individual keys can stop working if something gets under them such as dirt or food crumbs. Tip your laptop upside down and tap the bottom to dislodge foreign items. If the entire keyboard stops functioning, the connection may have come loose where it touches the motherboard. In some cases, you may need to replace the entire keyboard. The process is relatively simple and involves popping the old one out and putting the new keyboard in.

Windows isn’t Loading

If your computer starts up but doesn’t load into Windows there can be a few different issues. A system restore from the point where your computer was last functional can fix the error in some cases. Load into safe mode by pressing shift + f8 before the computer attempts to get into Windows. Conduct a full virus and malware scan to determine if there is anything that isn’t supposed to be there. Try updating your drivers and security updates through Windows update, especially if you’ve deactivated automatic updates. You might need to completely format your system, which may necessitate the use of laptop data recovery services to keep your important documents, photos, and files safe from destruction.

It’s also quite possible for numerous things to go wrong at the same time, which can complicate the repair process significantly. Consider taking your device to a skilled professional who provides laptop repairs as well as data recovery services to keep your personal information safe.


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