list of classic fashion accessories for women

8 Classic Accessories that Every Woman Should Own

The fashion trends change season to season. How much ever one tries to follow the trend, it may be difficult for any of us to do in real life. But how to spruce up our wardrobe with the limited time and budget we have? Any outfit can be enhanced with the right use of accessories. It can also add a personal touch to the whole outfit.

But how many accessories does one need and where does it end? Fret not, here comes a list of the timeless classic accessories that might be a help to you to build your dream wardrobe.

1. A White Sneakers

A pair of white sneakers will go with everything from slacks to your sun-dress. It should be a part of any girl’s complete wardrobe.

2. Aviators

Every girl needs a large pair of aviators. Not only they look stylish and ageless they also protect your eyes. The classic aviators will never go out of fashion, be it winter or summer.

3. A Scarf

A colourful scarf or a sombre coloured scarf can make you feel cozy on a cold winter day but more than that they add up the necessary class to any outfit, dress up or not.

4. An Over-sized Handbag

A decent size handbag that lets you carry everything you may need for a day or night out, can enhance your outfit. Be it a tote or large size leather bag can make dress up even a dull outfit.

5. A Statement Necklace

Go crazy with your purchase on a large statement choker or a cute adorable necklace that could take that plain outfit into something happening. Even a funky and handmade necklace could be your statement piece.

6. High Heeled Pumps

Pick out the pumps to create a versatile look at anytime of the day. Wear it with an evening gown or a pair of jeans, they perfectly dress you up perfectly.

7. A Pair of Large Silver Danglers

Any outfit can be jazzed up with a pair of silver danglers. Wear it with jeans or a sun-dress, they end up adding more to your femininity and make you feel girly and playful.

8. Red Lipstick

Find that perfect tone of lipstick with that bright red or scarlet or crimson – that suits your skin tone. Any dress casual or dressed up can be brightened with that perfect lipstick.

Tell us in comments about your go to accessories that make your wardrobe.


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