Make your day interesting by doing some extra activities

6 Extra Activities to Make Your Day Interesting

Life is passing by, one day at a time and only children have a really amazing time. Most of us adults are so caught up inside the drill between work and home that it has become the defining factor of our life. We have become so busy that we think we don’t have time to make life interesting. But let us tell you, that’s just the matter of perspective. If you have a positive mindset and you really want to turn your life exciting, you’ve got to think between the lines.

Here are 6 amazing ways you can go for to make your day more interesting, without too much alteration in your schedule.

1. “What If This is the Last Day of My Life?”

Start every day with this thought. Write it on a piece of paper if that helps. This thought will give you a whole new viewpoint towards life and you will suddenly have so much to do. Try penning down at least 5 things you would do if you were dying today and do it!

2. Make Your Appearance a Little Bolder than Usual

Making a small change such as opting a bolder appearance for a day will enable other people to see you from a totally different perception than other days. This means that when compared to other days, they will talk to you in a different manner. You can know the other sides of people!

3. Choose a Different Route While Going to Work

Going to your workplace through the same route every day can make life seem stuck in a routine. To change that, you can pick different routes while heading to your work. It refreshes the mind to see unfamiliar images. Who knows, you may come across a restaurant, a gym or a person you may like?

4. If You Take Public Conveyance to Work, Put that Time to Use

Taking the subway or a bus to work can be a very boring time and it passes every day just like that. You can put that time to use for educational or meditative purposes. Breathe in and breathe out in a rhythm, or you can listen to your favorite music or even download an audio book.

5. Rearrange Your Workplace

Working in the same cubicle or environment can lead it to become dull with time. To keep things interesting, you can move a few things around and make it look better. Just by rearranging your files or furniture, it can transform the feel of the place and make it exciting to work there.

6. Make It a Rule to Talk to at least 5 Strangers

We’re talking not just greetings, but real conversations. Ask them about their favorite holidays, or what do they like about a particular company or anything that might enhance your understanding of people. Real conversations really keep the mind occupied and the day interesting.

If you know someone who can use this plan, share it immediately!


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